We are all stories – stories of life coming to be. Each person is wonderfully made; a miracle of life; a wonder to behold. Creation itself – the unfolding of the Universe is a wonder; billions of years in the making, and not finished yet – and we are part of that; we are made from the dust of the stars; our earth is alive with the sound of music proclaiming the birth of God into human flesh. God made us; male and female, we are made in God’s own image. We are conscious not only of the universe that we live in, but we are also conscious of our selves as part of something much grander than we can possibly imagine.

At Christmas, we celebrate the incarnation of God into humanity; God so loved the world, that he became one with us as we continue the journey of life coming to be. God becomes one with us to share in the struggle, the pain of birth. We have the freedom to choose life or death, but Jesus proclaimed that life conquers death and light conquers darkness. His message is that in the end – there is no end – there is just life and we are part of that grand journey.

Jesus left a message that in so many ways contradicts the messages of fear and dread. He was born in a stable, to simple people. He studied and became aware of God within himself and all of creation. He proclaimed the good news that God was found in the simple things. In our blindness, we at times assume that God is found in pomp and circumstance; in those who hold great positions of power and wealth. Jesus taught that the selfishness of the individual has no place in the kingdom of God. We are called to understand that ALL of life is sacred and holy; our earth is sacred and holy, giving life in so many diverse and wonderful ways. As we learn that we are all created in the image of the living God, we begin to understand that power and wealth are illusions – that they do not last.

The story of Jesus is the story of love – of seeing all of life; all of humanity as God’s beloved, sacred and holy. God enters into our lives, demonstrating our call to heal the broken; to feed the hungry; to walk with those who are considered unclean or somehow of lesser value. We are called to understand that no one is of less importance or more importance in the final scheme of things – and that we are called to learn how to love; to empty ourselves in order to allow the other in and to experience that we are one creation; we are connected and need one another.

Christmas is the story of Jesus, but it is also our story – to realize that all of the gifts that we can purchase for one another are just things destined for the junk pile. The gift of love is that which endures – the gift of life and communion with each other and with God the Creator is our inner gift. Once upon a time, we were held in the hands of our mothers for the first time and she saw a miracle come to life – a wonder to behold – a person becoming aware. She held that gift tightly, nourished it and watched it grow. Not necessarily perfect – but with a love that was beyond all telling. God sees us in this way – unfolding – unfinished – but curious and open.

God sees life, at times selfish, blind, deaf, and obstinate; at times self-centered and jealous, but cannot NOT love us. God is so in love with her creation that she becomes one with us; walking with us along the way, showing us how to be there for and with others; how to trust and how to rejoice, how to feed one another and to assist one another as we walk the journey together. The story tells us how time and time again, life conquers death and that ultimately we are a people of the Resurrection.


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