If you live to be 775 years of age – you have lived 900 months, 3,900 weeks, 27,375 days, 657,000 hours or 39,420,000 minutes or 2,365,200,000 seconds.

The Universe is approximately 14 Billion years old and life on the planet earth ism approximately 7 1/2 Billion Years old. We find evidence of human life that stretches base over 200,000 years.

Direct Ancestors of each individual:

1 Generation – parents – 2

2 Generations – Grandparents – 4

10 Generations – 1,024

15 Generations – 32,768

20 gGenerations – 1,048,576


We, (all of humanity) are connected – in relationship with the universe, our planet and one another through time and space.

Unity in Diversity – and Creation is ongoing – throughout all of the human struggle to grow and. become one with God, as God is one with us – The beginning and our end – the Alpha and the Omega.

Life is constantly renewing itself in and through us – who have both the gift of consciousness and the gift of responsibility. We are called to admit our blindness and pray for the gift of sight. We are called to admit that we don’t always understand and pray for understanding. We are called to walk the journey towards death together in order to find life; we are called to walk together with faith, with courage, and with one another. We cannot walk the journey alone – we are born into relationship – we walk within community; with one another. We encounter many death and life moments on our journey – moments of letting go in order to receive the new. En engage in the struggle to become together or we fail. Life or death; the choice is ours to make each and every day.

The more we attempt to hang on to the old – to the past – the more we choose to become stagnant filled with death. The more we choose to let go in order to follow the teacher – the more we choose new adventures and life itself.  The choice is up to us.


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