Autumnal Equinox – Good by Summer – Hello Fall

I love the changing of the seasons. In the northern hemisphere, we are now making the shift from longer hours of sunlight, to longer hours of darkness. Life is reflected in the seasonal cycle, as we move from the planting of the seed through the growth into maturity and then the harvest. Following the harvest, the earth rests – renewing itself for the next cycle to begin.

Each season, like life itself, is filled with struggle and accomplishment. On our planet, we experience earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and typhoons. We constantly are confronted with obstacles that challenge us to the very core of our being. From generation to generation, we learn how to meet these and other challenges that demand constant adjustments. As the ground seems barren during the winter months, the cold winds, ice and snow cover the land. The land seems at rest, waiting for the seeds to spring forth with new life. We experience death itself, with the promise of Spring and new life sprouting from the earth. As Winter slowly gives way to Spring, we see life beginning to reach beyond the earth for the heavens. The world is pregnant with new life. As this new life becomes more visible each and every second of every day, we listen to the sounds, smell the fresh aromas and feel the warmth of the spring winds.

The challenges along the way are required for strength and maturity. The storms that our planet brings, test and nurture us.

Spring turns into Summer and we reach maturity – ready to bring new life to fulfillment. and then we look at the letting go of Summer and anticipating the Autumn – the harvest. The beauty of our world during these seasons is experienced in the colors and smells.  The Gospel teaches us that it is the pain of letting go that life springs eternal in the resurrection. Birth, Growth, Death and Resurrection are the signs of the Seasons.

Happy Autumnal Equinox – Celebrate the Season of the Harvest and then the season of rest; anticipating and celebrating the renewal of life that we experience each and every day.

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