“Life seeks organization, but it uses messes to get there. Organization is a process, not a structure. Simultaneously, and in different ways, difficult to chart, the process of organization involves creating relationships around a shared sense of purpose. 

Exchanging and creating information, learning c constantly, paying attention to the results of our efforts, co-adapting, co-evolving, developing wisdom as we learn, staying clear about our purpose, being alert to changes from all directions. 

Living systems give form to their organization, and evolve old forms into new ones, because of exquisite capacities to create meaning together; to communicate and to notice what’s going on in the moment. These are the capacities that give any organization it’s true liveliness; that support self-organization.

In the new story, we enter a world where life gives birth to itself in response to powerful forces – the forces of creativity and freedom.

The old story asserts that resistance to change is a fact of life. Locked into a world that sought stability and control. Change has always been undesired and difficult. But the new story explains resistance not as a fact of life, but as evidence of an act against life. Life is in motion, constantly creating, exploring, discovering. Newness is its desire. Nothing alive, including us, resists these great creative motions. But all of life resists control. All of life pushes back against any process that inhibits its freedom to create itself. 

“Men and women not only have a destiny, but each individual has a special destiny, a definite work. For, whatever God appoints is great, – great in its purpose, important in its accomplishment, divine in its results. At the same time God gives to each soul a definite work to do, and the strength, courage, grace to do the work well; and more, to do it with a certain degree of facility and pleasure.”

This is indeed the Good News – the Gospel of the Lord. 

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