“When the time is ripe” (Joyce Rupp)

A friend of mine and of many, Janet Hauter,  recently noticed this poem, at an appropriate and helpful time, and decided to share it with everyone – and I am passing it on. The Poem also reflects some of the wisdom of Amos – found in the Scriptures.

When the time is ripe,

the vision will come.

When the heart is ready,

the fruit will appear,

the harvest will happen.

Not to worry

about all the unspoken,

the unspoken,

the unnamed, the undelivered.

Not to hurry

the sprouts out of seeds,

the weeds out of garden.

Let it all grow.

Wait for the ripening.

Yearn for the yielding

if you must,

but be patient,

Trust the process

talk to the restlessness

sit with confusion,

dance with the paradoxes

and sip tea

with the angel of life.

Smile while you with,

empty basket in hand,

all too eager

to snatch the produce

of your spiritual path.

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