“TREASURE IN A FIELD (Chris Skinner – 1990) –

(We are all a treasure despite the scars of the past)

‘Accept yourself, don’t have to prove anything

Just be yourself.

You make the world a special place to be

and I hope you have the faith to see

That you’ve no need to travel far

For treasure in a field.

Accept your past, the years that formed you

and life awaits the gift

The gift that you can give is yours alone

and in your way you’ve clearly shown

that you’ve no need to travel far

for Treasure in a field. 

And even though it’s true your life’s been hard

and few have understood the pain inside

It doesn’t mean to say you have to run and hide.

The stage is set, the light is cast upon you

and don’t forget

Your friends are here to help you through the scene

And once begun you’ll begin to dream

Cause you’ve not need to travel far

for Treasure in a field.

The time will come when someone else. who in need

Will turn and run

Afraid to face what lies ahead for them

And you will turn and stand with them

For you’ll have found the strength within

Your treasure in a field. 

Accept yourself. Accept the things that you can’t change

Don’t have to run and hide. Accept yourself.

Just make the world so special. Accept yourself.

Just be yourself. Accept yourself.

You’re a treasure in a field.  

Time – according to Einstein, is a creation of the human mind – it does not exist in and by itself. We humans like to look back in history, including our personal histories, in order to have an anchor – to find meaning – to discover our roots. But, Einstein is right – we look backward at the stories that we accept – the myths of our ongoing creation. In reality, the only moment – is this moment. The past is gone – it no longer exists except in our memories, as a journey where we experience life in all of it’s mystery. The future does not exist, except in our imagination. The only moment that really exists is the one that each of us holds at a particular time and place. We live in the moment.

Our memories or myths, include both good and bad experiences, and for so many of us, we tend to dwell on the bad – especially those that were most painful. It is difficult to imagine how many of us were psychologically, physically and or sexually abused; how many of us were bullied or were bullies. The human psyche is both strong and fragile at the same time. As we move through life, we are reminded often of those moments that changed us; for better or for worse. As we grow, we encounter our own genetic and cultural environment constantly, in a wide variety of experiences. Many of them are sub-conscious, but they are part of who we are. We are a depository of mixed memories that influence our actions at any given time. Relationships with others are always based on a plethora of repressed and suppressed memories that determine how we see our world and ourselves.

So many young children understand throughout their growing years, that they are not wanted – they are a burden and therefore worthless. Their parents are involved in a variety of addictions, but sadly, centered in on themselves only. The more that we are centered on ourselves it seems, the less that we are even aware of others, except insofar as they cater to us.  So often, it is most difficult to have a sense of empathy for others, we are so wrapped up in our own wants and needs. Others become things, and. once they are not useful to us, we can simply discard them.  Each human person is different, with different and unique potential – while requiring care and nurturing. We are all like a seed – that has the potential to become the most beautiful Rose, or Peony, or Maple, but that potential requires good soil, water and air, and a life giving environment.

We receive the gift of life, and are called to become that same gift for others, allowing and enabling them to become strong and beautiful, and able to share that gift with great generosity. Sadly,  in our humanity, at times we suffocate the giftedness of both ourselves and others. When people, placed in positions of trust, physically and sexually abuse children; they destroy trust in themselves and everyone else. When individuals are discriminated against because of race or religion by the dominant culture, trust is destroyed and life is damaged and warped. We life with the illusion that we love, but in fact live the myth – that we hang on to in order to help us feel good about ourselves; to feed our own ego.  We are warped, and we in turn only know how to warp others. Addictions of all kinds determine our behavior and attitudes toward ourselves and others. Sadly, we forget, or have never learned, that we are Treasures in a Field; to love ourselves – others – creation itself.

The old concept of Original Sin speaks about our schizophrenia – our freedom to choose life or death; to choose to accept responsibility for giving and nurturing life, our world and one another. This choice requires honesty – an honest appraisal of self and admission of our imperfections and limitations. We are blind, but presume that everyone else is blind and that we are the only one to see. We struggle to see through the eyes of the other – to understand that we are all connected – all one creation. Sadly, when one encounters bullies in whatever form they take, those who are bullied accept blame – they presume that it is their fault. When we live in a society that pretends that women are the playthings for men or that children are there for the sexual satisfaction of adults, and that those who inherit or assume positions of power, use others for their own satisfaction, we choose death, and we become the walking dead. The body may be alive, the the spirit is dead.

It seems that along the human journey, we are in constant need of reminders of our call to life. This call reminds us that we are gift, unique and wonderfully made. But this gift is not just for our own aggrandizement, but to be shared, especially with those who are pushed aside; the unclean; the wounded. We are called to remind ourselves that we are all wounded, some more severely than others, and are in need of healing. We are also called to remind ourselves that it is Love that heals all wounds and love is the recognition of the giftedness and appreciation of all others. We are called to contribute to the Common Good.

In order to accomplish this task, we are also called to let go of the past – it no longer exists and we are totally unable to go backwards on second. We at times allow the past to become an anchor or chains that hold us down. At other times, we allow the past to determine our present moment. We hold on to anger, grudges, fears, and wounded egos. We limit our own freedom to become who we are capable of becoming and giving what lies within us. Each person is unique and a treasure; not to be laughed at, lynched, or rejected; to be labeled and measured as not worthy because of differences in sexuality, race, religion, intellect, ethnic background, economic class, or any other multitude of false standards. We are instead called to see the beauty of each individual, within the grand and exquisite diversity of creation. We are called to see that each flower is in fact different, but beautiful in and of itself. We can let go and let God be God and we can be instead the caretakers of creation.




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