AND GOD SPOKE: (Genesis 1: 26-31)

God spoke: “Let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature.

So they can be responsible for the fish in the sea, and birds in the air, the cattle, and yes, Earth itself, and every animal that moves on the face of the earth.”

God created human beings; he created them godlike, reflecting God’s nature. 

He created them male and female.

God blessed them: “prosper! Reproduce! Fill Earth! Take Charge!

Be responsible for fish in the sea and birds in the air, for every living thing that moves on the face of Earth.”

Then God said, “I’ve given you every sort of seed-bearing plant on earth and every kind of fruit bearing tree, given them to you for food.

To all animals and all birds, everything that moves and breathes; I give you whatever grows out of the ground for food.” And there it was.

God looked over everything he had made: it was so good, so very good!


In God’s image: consciousness and freedom to choose: Billions of years ago, a seed was planted on this small planet Earth – a small planet in a particular galaxy among billion of galaxies spreading throughout the universe. With all of the elements that formed and reformed throughout the universe, the seed began to grow and to sprout forth with life. Over billions of years as the earth formed and developed, eventually forming land and water and with the right distance from the Sun, life began to unfold – slowly growing and changing, adapting and changing. The genes began to form, allowing life to evolve – from single to multi-celled organisms; from a-sexual to sexual. Life formed in the deepest oceans and as it moved and and the land became hospitable, moved out and wrapped itself around this planet. The seed was planted and began to sprout forth moving from simple to complex. Life began to emerge; energy began to form and take shape in many diverse ways responding to the environment; changing and being changed.

Over billions of years, consciousness developed – slowly and with great difficulty. The brain, began to develop and reach out to examine and to act within a changing world. The forms that were best able to survive and grow allowed the brain to develop and stretch out to taste, to hear, to see, to move and to reproduce a wide diversity of new forms; some adapting and surviving; others dying and becoming extinct. As the earth itself changed, so too did the growing diversity of life forms; some able to adapt to new ways, others not. Evolution is the constant adaptation to a changing world and at the same time changing the world – a never ending journey. Complexification – the process of becoming more complex – a term coined by Teilhard de Chardin, a Jesuit and French Paleontologist of the early 20th Century.

Form or matter filled with developing consciousness or awareness and learning how to make decisions and becoming aware of a spirit of life that ignited a fire. We are slowly becoming consciousness becoming aware. We are part and parcel of the ongoing creation. We tell the stories of our origins – our beginnings. These stories speak to us of a spirit of creation at work, planting the seed and that we reflect that spirit within ourselves. As we struggle to become – we are aware of the various of stages that we have moved through – from the fertilized egg to the fetus to birth and infancy moving on our journey to become responsible adults – a laborious and difficult journey.  To move from matter to consciousness – leads us to awareness of that Spirit that lights the way; to recognize that we share a common creation with all that is and are connected to our world and to one another.

To see creation through the eyes of God: That is was good; so very good. Like children, we are motivated by childish fears which breed jealousy and competition. Freedom gives  us the choice to grow out of these childish ways – or not. Awareness or consciousness can enable to to see our journey and need for constant transformation; to give up being fixed on our selves and to see that we are all connected – we depend on one another for life itself. Jesus teaches us to let go of all of the false gods that we have created in our limited imagination and that we worship. We are called to let go of the childish ways and to become responsible adults; caring for our universe; our galaxy; our earth, for all of life and for one another. Freedom calls us to let go of traditional ways of thinking – of seeing the world only from our blindness and allow the light in – and to see the wonder; the miracle of everything that we are part of. We look at our past to see the painful path that we have walked; a path that we have travelled mostly blind and then to decide what path we will take into the future. Consciousness allows us to see – to allow the clouds to fall from our eyes and then to make decisions based on the common good; not what I want – but on what we need; we are called to become life givers. Jesus teaches us that we learn to see by trusting in that Spirit that gives life. Jesus calls us to become life givers, recognizing that the same spirit that was in him resides in us. We are beloved and holy and very good.


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