In the year 1956, Doris Day had a wonderful part in one the Alfred Hitchcocks memorable movies, THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH. In this movie, she made the song, QUE SERA, SERA come alive.

When I was just a little girl

I asked my mother

What will I be

Will I be pretty

Will I be rich

Here’s what she said to me.

Que Sera, sera

Whatever will be, will be

The future’s not ours to see

Que Sera, sera

What will be, will be.

Graduation Day arrives and the graduates ask themselves the same questions. They look at a future shrouded in mystery. They have become familiar with a very particular way of life for a short time, and now prepare to move on. They go through a wonderful ceremony, recognizing closure for one moment of their lives, prepared for the next chapter in their ongoing story. No one knows where or when they will reach the end of their journey, or who will walk with them on the way. They wonder – with a mixture of fear and confidence.

We recognize that we need to develop a life-long ability to learn and to allow life to be our primary teacher. If we are blessed, we encounter great teachers along the way, who show us to to engage in learning; that to be human is to constantly become more conscious of life and creation and our place in it. We hopefully learn along the way to enjoy the journey – to be constantly curious and open to life opening itself up around and within us. Hopefully, we learn that creation is not about me, but about us. We learn that the universe has been around for more that 14 Billion years and that life has been evolving on our little planet for more than 7 Billion years and that we are made from the dust of the stars; we are part of creation coming to be. We learn that all that is, is connected and dependent.

Formal schooling enables us to learn certain skills; skills of understanding math, science, language and the ongoing stories of human development, the good, the bad, and the ugly. We learn about working with and sharing our world with others; with the grand diversity of life itself in all of its forms.  We learn that none of us, no matter how smart we may seem, knows the answers or even the questions to everything. We learn that we are all blind and deaf to some degree and struggle to co-exist with others who live with different perceptions or beliefs; different cultures and traditions. And finally, we begin to learn that education does not end with formal graduation ceremony that brings closure. Education is the never ending quest. Formal education, hopefully, provides us with the necessary tools to continue this quest. We learn that we all have diverse gifts, but that these gifts add to the whole; to move our vision from the singular self to the ongoing expansion of the universe and that we are all called to contribute our gifts to the whole.

Along the way, when we are fortunate, we learn to trust. We learn to trust in  creation itself. We are called to trust in that Spirit that brings life in all of it’s wonder and diversity to be, and to recognize our place in that. We are called to look deep within ourselves and to understand that we are part of something much greater than we ever fully understand. We begin to recognize that there is a purpose to existence that we don’t understand, but that somehow it is tied up in an ongoing creation that is bound together in the spirit that we call love, a spirit of intimacy and oneness. We don’t know the future, but somehow, we learn to adapt to one comes and to engage in the struggle together. With all of our human limitations and false starts; with our failures; we begin to learn and to take the next step; we learn how to take responsibility and to become adults. We learn that the false selves that we create for ourselves can be discarded and recognize the beauty that God saw, when GOD CREATED THEM; MALE AND FEMALE HE CREATED THEM; IN GOD’S IMAGE HE CREATED THEM; AND HE SAW THAT THEY WERE VERY GOOD.  God fell in love with creation and becomes one with us in a holy marriage; the faithful lover.  

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