The Holy Trinity: Body, Mind and Spirit

When I read the Gospel Accounts, I see stories of a man named Jesus who was a teacher;  When I read these stories, I am at times struck by the idea that he was teaching us who we were and who we were called to be; he was one with us, conscious of the Spirit of Creation within him and within all of creation coming to be. He seemed to be aware of his connection to all of creation as well as to the creator. He was teaching them that Creation had come alive in him and within all of humanity; within the cosmos itself. It seems that he was attempting to teach his disciples that they had within themselves that same Spirit of life.  He assured them that they had within themselves the spirit of life itself and that they were sacred and holy; united with each other and that life itself overcomes death.  Whenever they gathered in faith, Jesus was there in their midst. The Spirit filled the house and would be a light to the world.

The writers of the Gospel stories speak to us about their realization that all is connected and that life is the ultimate reality. At times, we are convinced that death is the final step and that there is a level of finality about reality. We, like his disciples, fail to understand that as Saint Paul says, “Death is swallowed up in victory. Where, O death is your victory? Where O death, is your sting?” From the “Big Bang” some 13.7 Billions years ago, energy has been moving and colliding, forming and reforming, becoming transformed and transforming. We are part of that. We are made of star dust. Everything is connected in the cosmos that is Billions of light years across and constantly expanding and changing. Our little planet, part of our Milky Way, has been going through radical change for some 7 Billion years and we are part of that. Today, there are over 7 Billion Human Beings living on this planet, changing and being transformed. And all are connected in time and space.

We are physical beings, become conscious of existence, sharing the same spirit of creation that is life itself. Life is experienced relationships, with one another and with our limited vision of our world. We call that force that binds us together, love. The Spirit of love transcends space – and binds us together. We have moved from cellular to multi-cellular beings, constantly engaging the the process of becoming more and more complex. Teilhard de Chardin defined this process as “Complexification.” In looking back throughout the stories that describe the ongoing human development on both the individual and the cultural level, we can trace the developing complexity of our cultures and understanding of existence. Globalization has been a reality from the very beginning. Understanding and communication constantly changes and our consciousness develops, We begin to glimpse that matter, energy, and consciousness are all connected throughout the universe and throughout the cosmos; they were there in the beginning.

Love your Creator God with all of your heart, all of your mind and all of your soul; and the second is like it; love one another as you love yourself. Instead of worshiping those things which divide and destroy, worship that which brings life. Treat one another the way you would like to be treated. We are brothers and sisters, called to care for one another; to see ourselves and all others as part of that ongoing creation and to walk with one another.

At times, we as a community of faith, grappling with the mystery of life and God with us, saw God as some force located only in the heavens, separated from creation. We had a concept of creation that was stagnant; a one time event where everything was finished and complete. We were surrounded by petty quarrelsome gods, who demanded sacrifice and worship. We, as people, attempted to find ways to appease these gods when they were angry or absent. We looked for ways to ensure our cultural survival.

A house, as we know, is just a place; a place where people live and share life together. A house becomes a home when life is present and memories are shared. A church, temple, or synagogue is also just a building constructed of stone, steel and concrete. It becomes a sacred place when people gather to share life. In this space that is made sacred when the community gaWethers to share memories and a meal. Memories are contained in stories that tell of the journey; of all the struggles and mountains that had to be climbed to achieve a sense of oneness within great diversity.  the pain and struggle of growth and life.

Jesus saw creation through faith in a loving spirit that united creation into one. He consistently told his disciples to not be afraid; to see the Spirit of Creation active and working in the simple acts of love and care and to recognize that none of us are in fact any better than anyone else; we are all blind, just in our own ways. Like the Atom, with the proton and neutron working together, united by energy that holds them together. We are human in the flesh, in our consciousness and in the Spirit that holds all things together giving life. We do this in community, bound together in the same way. We share our common humanity, our combined wisdom and stories, held together by the spirit which is love. As apostles, this is what we are to proclaim. It is in neglecting one aspect or another that we weaken ourselves and ultimately choose death. It is in paying attention too all three aspects of our humanity, that we choose life.

The Scriptures reming us that we did not create the Universe; that none of us is rightfully the owner of land, air, or water. We are recipients of everything, including life itself. We are called to partnership with the Spirit of Life and to care for creation, not to dominate or destroy it. Why are we afraid? What are we afraid of? Are we afraid of the dark? Of not understanding? Do we view darkness with death and desire to be in control of our environments and to find ways to purchase our way into “heaven?” Jesus proclaimed that we are all God’s creation and are therefore sacred and holy, and called to feed one another, to heal one another and to understand that what happens to one, happens to all. And Jesus taught that to empty one’s self of self, we are then able to understand one oneness with Abba-Father. Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the reality of the one creation – where all is connected and we can sing Alleluia together – for all has been accomplished.


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