Many years ago, John Shea, composed the following Creed.  I believe that it speaks volumes to our world today:

“We believe that we are immersed in mystery,

that our lives are more than they seem,

that we belong to each other

and to a universe of great creative energies

whose source and destiny is God.

We believe that God is after us,

That God is calling to us from the depth of human life.

We believe that God has risked God’s self

and become a human being in Jesus.

In and with Jesus, we believe that each of us is situated in the love of God

and the pattern of our life will be the pattern of Jesus –

through death and resurrection.

We believe that the Spirit of Peace is present to us, the Church,

as we gather to celebrate our common existence,

the resurrection of Jesus,

and the fidelity of God.

And most deeply we believe

that in our struggle to love, we incarnate God in the world.

And so, aware of mystery and wonder,

caught in friendship and laughter,

we become speechless before the joy of life in the Eucharist.”

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