M. Scott Peck, M.D. excerpt

In reading a new book ay M. Scott Peck, M.D., (Further along the Road Less Traveled), I came across the following:  “The single greatest cause of inappropriate blaming is the combination of a strong will with the lack of submission to a higher power.  A strong will is, I believe, the best asset that a human being can possess, not because it guarantees success or goodness, but because a weak will pretty much guarantees failure.  It is strong-willed people who well in psychotherapy, who have that mysterious will to grow.  And so it is a great asset and a great blessing.  But all blessings are potential curses, all have their side effects. And the worst side effect of a strong will is a strong temper-anger….

It is no accident that people who commit the most evil in this world see no power higher than themselves.  The evil are very strong-willed men and women.  And because they are narcissistic, self-absorbed, and their will is supreme, they are the ones who are most into inappropriate and destructive blaming. They are the people who cannot-who will to-take the beam out of their own eye.

For most of us, if there is evidence around us that might point to our own sin and imperfection, if that evidence pushes us up against the wall, we usually come to recognize that something is wrong, and we make s some kind of self-correction. Those who do not I call “people of the lie” because one of their distinguishing characteristics is their ability to lie to themselves, as well as others, and to insist on being ignorant of their own faults or wrongdoing. Their guiding motive is to feel good about themselves, at all costs, at all times, no matter what evidence there may be that points to their sin or imperfection. Rather than using it to make some kind of self-correction, they will instead- often at great expense of energy – set about trying to exterminate the evidence.  They will use all the power at their disposal to impose their wills onto someone else in order to protect their own sick selves.  An that is where most of their evil is committed, in that inappropriate extermination, that inappropriate blaming.

It is important to realize that blaming us fun. Anger is fun. Hatred is fun. And like any pleasurable activity, it is habit forming – you get hooked on it.”

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