First blog post

I am part of the Catholic Religious Community of Viatorians, or more formally, the Clerics of Saint Viator.  We are a religious community, of brothers and priests called to the ministry of catechists or  teachers of the faith. This Congregation was formally approved bye 1838.

Saint Viator was a lector of the church of Lyons.  As a lector, Viator proclaimed the scriptures in liturgy, and taught the youth and potential converts.  The Latin name Viator means “wayfarer” or “traveller”.  In 1830, Father Louis Joseph Marie Querbes, of the Diocese of Lyons established a society of catechists, under the patronage of Saint Viator.  Louis Querbes, born in 1793, was reared and educated in the Parish of Saint Nizier.  This church was built on the site of the ancient Church of the Holy Apostles, where Bishop Just presided as Bishop, and Viator served as lector.  Fr. Querbes saw the need of a Religious Congregation of Catechists or teachers of the faith following great upheavals and chaos not only in France, but throughout the world.

Today, the Victorians serve as Brothers and Priests throughout the world, serving in Africa, Europe, North and South America and Asia. We continue the journey of Saint Just and Saint Viator who proclaimed the Good News on their journey of faith.  They saw a need and acted accordingly.  Fr. Louis Querbes, likewise saw a need at a different time, and acted, inviting others to respond and join with him on the journey.








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