Eucharist = Thanksgiving

The word Eucharist is Greek for Thanksgiving. When we gather to celebrate our oneness with the Christ, we give thanks. James Joyce, a famous author once stated that the Catholic Church means “here comes everybody.” The word family, in my mind, means just that – here comes everybody. Everybody includes the tall and the short, […]

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Community: In union with. When we gather together as one body, we are recognizing that we are connected. We as infants are born into relationships; first with the mother who gives and nurtures life; then with the extended family, friends, and so many others as we begin our journey throughout life. We begin to accept […]


Just Wondering – again

I was just wondering if much of the effort of the Catholic Hierarchy to protect the Male Celibate culture was based on fear of women? Does the male celibate culture provide a safe haven from female domination? Does this culture create a mens club where women are not welcome and men are able to be […]

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